The Difference Between Silicone And TPE Love Dolls

Many people actually own a sex doll. And you can get yours, too, today. But the main question that pops off to someone looking to buy a sex doll is what material they should get. If the skin is there for touching humans, sex dolls take on different materials, each with their respective merits and setbacks. The two of the most common materials used for sex dolls are silicone and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).

Silicone and TPE are not only known materials in the field of love dolls, but they also take part in many fields, like the medical scene and for lab testing. The reason has to do with them having a rubber-like feature, which allows them to be tough and versatile. They can also resist fluid absolutely, which makes them really helpful under different weathers. But to better gauge which you should get between the two, we shall compare them more closely.


If we’re talking about resistance, then you can expect that vinyl material on these sex dolls makes so much sense to choose than TPE. But wait, how exactly would you use heat in sex? Well, sex is a very subjective topic, which means that anything like striking a candle or removing any ventilation in a place can take place.

Unlike TPE, vinyl has a stronger heat resistance feature in love dolls. So, you can expect that even the hardest and harshest methods that has to do with heat can be done with your sex doll if they’re made from vinyl. Of course, this margin is not so big, which means that you can still opt to have TPE with heat techniques, just don’t go too far.


With regards to comfort, you can also say that you’ll get more out of TPE than vinyl. The reason has to do with vinyl not being too soft, while it is a strong material overall. There’s also the fact that TPE provides for a smoother texture of the material than vinyl, so sticking it in and out in a softer material makes up for greater comfort all in all.


On longevity, both have it, which is why they are two of the most commonly sought-out materials in a sex doll ever since. If you want to make it a point that you are able to provide for a longer life for your sex doll, consider these two materials.