How Popular Are Sex Dolls?

Even if they won’t admit it, just about everyone has bought or used a sex toy of some sort. A vibrator, a dildo, a Fleshlight – sex toys aren’t out of the mainstream. They were always popular, but the Internet brought an entirely-new, simple way to discreetly order a sex toy and have it available for enjoyment the next time the buyer had sex.

So sex toys are unquestionably popular. What about sex dolls?

You might be surprised. The market for love dolls has exploded over the last 20 years, particularly since these dolls are so easy to purchase online. More and more companies resell sex dolls made by dedicated manufacturers, and the companies that make love dolls now have extensive websites where you can choose from an enormous range of these lifelike dolls.

There’s one other factor that’s recently come into play: the pandemic.

Covid and Sex Dolls

Sex doll manufacturers and toy vendors report that their sales reached unheard-of levels during Covid lockdowns. One major company reported that orders early in the pandemic were 50% higher than usual levels, they couldn’t keep up with orders, and they had to hire extra workers in order to fill orders as quickly as possible.

And it’s not just lonely guys ordering sex dolls to keep them company during the Covid years. Couples are also ordering love dolls, perhaps to put new spice into a relationship that’s been way too boring during extended lockdowns or business shutdowns.

Instead of juicing up their sex life by visiting clubs or other entertainment venues, they’ve decided to bring “someone new” into their bedroom – someone who wouldn’t be seen as a threat to their relationship.

Smart Sex Dolls

There’s another factor in the increased demand: the availability of sex dolls with new and exciting features.

It used to be that the only “choices” a love doll buyer had involved their doll’s appearance or features. Newer models have begun to include advanced technology, making the experience more lifelike than ever.

Some dolls are built to “get warm” in the right areas, with heating elements in or near the genitals. Others are able to respond to voice commands. And the increased flexibility in dolls made with materials like silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gives love dolls the ability to be sexual gymnasts, not just inanimate dolls with holes.