The Difference Between Silicone And TPE Love Dolls

Many people actually own a sex doll. And you can get yours, too, today. But the main question that pops off to someone looking to buy a sex doll is what material they should get. If the skin is there for touching humans, sex dolls take on different materials, each with their respective merits and setbacks. The two of the most common materials used for sex dolls are silicone and thermoplastic elastomers (TPE).

Silicone and TPE are not only known materials in the field of love dolls, but they also take part in many fields, like the medical scene and for lab testing. The reason has to do with them having a rubber-like feature, which allows them to be tough and versatile. They can also resist fluid absolutely, which makes them really helpful under different weathers. But to better gauge which you should get between the two, we shall compare them more closely.


If we’re talking about resistance, then you can expect that vinyl material on these sex dolls makes so much sense to choose than TPE. But wait, how exactly would you use heat in sex? Well, sex is a very subjective topic, which means that anything like striking a candle or removing any ventilation in a place can take place.

Unlike TPE, vinyl has a stronger heat resistance feature in love dolls. So, you can expect that even the hardest and harshest methods that has to do with heat can be done with your sex doll if they’re made from vinyl. Of course, this margin is not so big, which means that you can still opt to have TPE with heat techniques, just don’t go too far.


With regards to comfort, you can also say that you’ll get more out of TPE than vinyl. The reason has to do with vinyl not being too soft, while it is a strong material overall. There’s also the fact that TPE provides for a smoother texture of the material than vinyl, so sticking it in and out in a softer material makes up for greater comfort all in all.


On longevity, both have it, which is why they are two of the most commonly sought-out materials in a sex doll ever since. If you want to make it a point that you are able to provide for a longer life for your sex doll, consider these two materials.

Many Who Buy Love Dolls Share Them With Their Partner(s)

Love dolls are upgraded versions of sex toys because it resembles a perfect human figure. Well, it is known to be expensive yet it offers a more sexual experience and pleasure according to many. When you are interested to purchase a love doll but have second thoughts about the possibility that your sex partner might be angry or upset with you. When you are in a relationship – lover or wife/husband, it is important to consider the validation of their feelings as well, it is always part of the relationship if you want a strong foundation and connection with each other, being sharing about your interest in buying one- sex doll is completely alright than hiding or lying it to them, right?

Many have explored the great possibilities of love dolls and many are receiving the satisfaction they have wished to have and this reason is enough for many to be convinced to purchase one. Honestly, there are more to common sex with the help of love dolls that many are not aware of. People who are a loner and sad, satisfy their sexual pleasures and orgasm with sex dolls. Unfortunately, this case is different for some who are having sex partners.

In a relationship, honesty is a must even you think such an idea or topic may lead to misunderstanding or problem because it is completely alright to openly share to your partner the desire into buying something specifically even about purchasing love dolls. Not everyone is open to having love dolls in a relationship that is why sharing such an idea with your partner is something that matters to the both of you. Many have shared that they do share their love dolls with their partner as a way of being transparent to them in any way possible.

Sharing such an idea may lead to something beautiful or tragic. However, being honest with your sexual pleasure is something amazing about your relationship with each other. Some sex partners may find this fact awful or disappointing but at the end of the day, they will fully accept this sex exploration with their partner. Having love dolls between relationships is something that varies from partner to partner, that is why sharing to them about it will enable you to know their opinion and feelings about it in general. So, in your part do not hesitate to share with your partner about the love dolls you have bought or planning to purchase. It is always part of the relationship which is acceptance.

How Popular Are Sex Dolls?

Even if they won’t admit it, just about everyone has bought or used a sex toy of some sort. A vibrator, a dildo, a Fleshlight – sex toys aren’t out of the mainstream. They were always popular, but the Internet brought an entirely-new, simple way to discreetly order a sex toy and have it available for enjoyment the next time the buyer had sex.

So sex toys are unquestionably popular. What about sex dolls?

You might be surprised. The market for love dolls has exploded over the last 20 years, particularly since these dolls are so easy to purchase online. More and more companies resell sex dolls made by dedicated manufacturers, and the companies that make love dolls now have extensive websites where you can choose from an enormous range of these lifelike dolls.

There’s one other factor that’s recently come into play: the pandemic.

Covid and Sex Dolls

Sex doll manufacturers and toy vendors report that their sales reached unheard-of levels during Covid lockdowns. One major company reported that orders early in the pandemic were 50% higher than usual levels, they couldn’t keep up with orders, and they had to hire extra workers in order to fill orders as quickly as possible.

And it’s not just lonely guys ordering sex dolls to keep them company during the Covid years. Couples are also ordering love dolls, perhaps to put new spice into a relationship that’s been way too boring during extended lockdowns or business shutdowns.

Instead of juicing up their sex life by visiting clubs or other entertainment venues, they’ve decided to bring “someone new” into their bedroom – someone who wouldn’t be seen as a threat to their relationship.

Smart Sex Dolls

There’s another factor in the increased demand: the availability of sex dolls with new and exciting features.

It used to be that the only “choices” a love doll buyer had involved their doll’s appearance or features. Newer models have begun to include advanced technology, making the experience more lifelike than ever.

Some dolls are built to “get warm” in the right areas, with heating elements in or near the genitals. Others are able to respond to voice commands. And the increased flexibility in dolls made with materials like silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gives love dolls the ability to be sexual gymnasts, not just inanimate dolls with holes.

You’d Be Amazed At What Modern Sex Dolls Can Do

If you have seen old-fashioned sex dolls made of rubber or vinyl, you won’t believe your eyes when checking out the love dolls that are available on today’s market. But looks are only part of the story. Modern dolls are much more lifelike than anything that was available 20 years ago, but the material isn’t just soft and real to the touch. It makes sex dolls more flexible than ever.

Couple that with technological advances, and a love doll isn’t anything like the one you may visualize.

What Modern Dolls Can Do?

Modern love dolls are considered a great investment. If you think that the only thing that makes sex dolls worth buying are “their holes,” you’re in for a big surprise. The features that modern sex dolls can offer make them feel more realistic. Sex dolls nowadays can smile, moan, and even talk. This is how sex dolls have evolved, which is why a lot of people are now interested in buying one.

Older men who are still looking for a companion but no longer want to undergo the courting process could simply look for a sex doll for a companion. People who are handicapped can also find comfort from sex dolls because they will surely have the feeling of being accepted. Though there is no sign of life in sex dolls because obviously they don’t breathe, their facial appearance, skin, and other movements look real. You can now find sex dolls with artificial intelligence yet you just have to be ready with the cost that you have to pay. Of course, with the fact that the features are now upgraded, manufacturers also sell these dolls at a higher cost.

You can also find a sex doll that can reach orgasm. This is a life-sized doll with artificial intelligence wherein the owner can decide on what behavior they want the doll to have. This doll is capable of remembering information about you like your birthday and can also talk with a British accent. With the use of this doll, you can expect a real-life experience of actually having a partner.


There are still a lot of things that people have to watch out for sex dolls. The development continues and for sure you will reach the point that you will crave a sex doll as much as a real woman. Besides, with modern sex dolls, you can already enjoy sex and stay away from the fear of getting cheated and rejected.  

Believe It Or Not, Some Guys Treat Their Sex Doll Like A Girlfriend

Every guy surely wants to have a female companion at any point in their lives. Whether it be for a serious relationship or just for a night, there is no denying that women are fun and important companions. This is why for at least one point in your life, you may have probably got a girlfriend that may have lasted for either a few months or up to several years.

But what if you don’t have a girlfriend? Sure, having one doesn’t totally guarantee you total happiness of all kinds. But admit it, there are nights where you are longing for female companionship to spice up your nights and play naughty things to satiate your sexual appetite. In that case, the best thing to do is to get a beautiful and seductive sex doll.

No Girlfriend? Get a Sex Doll

Having no one to be with every night can be pretty boring and lonely, but this should not be a reason to not respond to your sexual cravings every time the feeling gets into you. In case you have the urge to get it on at night, then it is best to have a gorgeous sex doll that you can treat so dearly to have a girlfriend experience.

Having a sex doll as a girlfriend replacement is actually a normal thing to do, especially for guys who have no one to be with, or have no time to commit to an actual girlfriend.

Once you get the sex doll of your choice as a bed companion, you will have no more reason to feel repressed and frustrated for every night that you want to get it on with somebody. This is why you have to make the best choice of sex doll to purchase online, and do it according to the looks and themes of the doll that you sexually desire the most.

More Than Enough

Choosing a sex doll to have in you bed as a companion need not be that hard. Just picture that girl of your dreams in terms of physical appearance, body proportions, and themes of clothing and accessories, and you will surely get such doll from adult stores online.

Why get a sex doll to get the best girlfriend experience? First of all, sex dolls already have the looks of a desirable woman that you want to take to bed with. And unlike actual female humans, sex dolls have no emotions or actions that can negatively affect the mood, such as nagging or complaining to partners. Having a beautiful sex doll as a “girlfriend” is already more than enough.

Afraid To Pursue A Schoolgirl Fetish? A Love Doll Can Help

When it comes to fetishes, not everyone can always get what they want especially when it is about their sexual needs. If ever that you are attracted to schoolgirls yet, courting one might look awkward, then why not consider having a sex doll? Sex dolls are widely available and you can definitely have the one that could satisfy your sexual fantasies especially if you have a schoolgirl fetish.

How Sex Dolls Can Help You With Your Fetishes

There is no limitation when using sex dolls. This can be your best option if you want to let your wild side out and explore the world of sex. Making love with a real woman is not always satisfying because you cannot do all the positions you want. Yet, with a sex doll, you are free to do whatever you want to do and even make love for long hours.

If you don’t want other people to know how much you are attracted to schoolgirls, then consider looking for a schoolgirl sex doll online. There are lots of websites that could provide you with a wide selection of sex dolls and some even let their customers personalized the dolls. In this case, you can decide what your doll will look like thus giving you an assurance of creating your dream girl.

With the use of sex doll, you can be able to practice your fetish. You can enjoy what excites you the most without worrying about anything. Remember that making love with a real schoolgirl have consequences so if you don’t want to get into trouble, then you should consider investing on a schoolgirl sex doll. You can have sex with your doll anytime without breaking any law.

It is no longer a problem dealing with schoolgirl fetish. Besides, using a schoolgirl sex doll keeps you away from fantasizing teenage girls. This is a safer way for you to deal with the urge of having sex with a schoolgirl because you will use a doll. If ever that buying child sex doll is not legal in your place, then you can simply dress up an adult sex doll with a school uniform. Remember that you can choose what hairstyle, body type, skin tone, and other features that a sex doll will have which means it is possible for you to make it look like a schoolgirl.

Does Kissing A Sex Doll Feel Real?

Having a sex doll by your side every night can bring lots of sexual pleasure to you as a man, even without an actual female partner to the have fun and do steamy things with. With the likes of a human female  from the physical features down to the intimate parts, there is no surprise that many guys would find contentment in their sex dolls, that they no longer look for a girlfriend to be with them.

With a sex doll to spice up your nights, you can do all the sexy stuff with her, just like what you would usually do with a female partner. Touching, stroking, and numerous kinds of sex – you can do them with your lovely doll. Aside from those, you can also enjoy kissing a sex doll, just like doing so with a girl. But does it feel like the real thing?

Feels Like The Real Thing

Sex dolls are designed to have all the likeness of a human female, with traits and looks that men find desirable. With their beauty, sexiness, and sexual capacity, it is not a surprise that there are more guys right now who prefer to have a sex doll for company in their bedside every night for steamy fun.

As mentioned earlier, you can do several things with your precious sex doll. You can make out with her, do foreplay with her, and of course, do many kinds of sex with her. But talking about foreplay – when it comes to kissing a sex doll, does it feel like you are actually kissing a woman? Believe it or not, the answer is yes – kissing your sex doll feels so real.

As you can see, sex dolls are built to become the most realistic incarnation of a woman partner, and it is not just in terms of the looks. The materials used are closely resembling to the woman’s skin, flesh, and muscle, which is why having fun with her feels like getting it on with an actual female.

The doll’s facial features, which include the lips, are realistically built and designed, so when you get to kiss her, it feels so pleasurable that it seems like the real thing.

No Need To Feel Lonely Again

There is no reason to feel lonely again just because you don’t have a partner to be with. Get a sex doll right now and have fun with her any time you want! Do whatever you want – including kissing her, which feels so good that you won’t wish for anything else.